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Mit der deutschsprachigen Webseite des Israel-Büros der Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung möchten wir mannigfaltige Stimmen des progressiven Israels hörbar machen. Damit soll eine interessierte Öffentlichkeit die Gelegenheit bekommen, Innenansichten hiesiger Verhältnisse und Kämpfe zu erhalten und lokale Akteure kennenzulernen.

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Standing Together

Standing Together” is a new grassroots initiative that attempts to build a broad Left Jewish-Arab movement, grounded in the principles of peace, equality and social justice. The activists base themselves on a holistic worldview that sees the interrelations between the occupation, the growing social and economic disparities within Israel, and the attacks by the government on democratic freedoms and on the Arab-Palestinian minority.

Due to the decreasing ability of existing organizations to energize, mobilize and activate the progressive people in Israel and to combat apathy and demoralization, “Standing Together” was established as a political movement which occupies the vast empty space between the electoral parties on the one hand and the NGOs on the other hand. This Jewish-Arab movement will be inclusive, pluralistic, activist-based and democratically operated.

In its demand for equality for various groups in Israeli society – Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel, immigrants from the former USSR and from Ethiopia, Mizrahi (‘Sephardic’) Jews, precarious workers, women, the LGBT community, etc. – “Standing Together” initiated large demonstrations and rallies:

– Peace march in the center of Jerusalem, attended by 2,000 Jewish and Arab participants. This was quickly followed by Jewish-Arab rallies in the southern Arab-Bedouin town of Rahat and in Haifa, which were attended by hundreds of people respectively (October 2015). (CNN Report)

– A 3,000-strong march in Tel-Aviv in reaction to campaign of the Right-Extremist group “Im Tirtzu” against “Breaking the Silence” and other organizations (December 2015). (Times of Israel)

– Monthly Israeli-Palestinian peace demonstrations in the occupied territories, organized jointly with “Combatants for Peace” (since November 2015). (Jerusalem Post)

– A rally in support of the Arab-Bedouin unrecognized village of Umm El-Hiran (May 2016).

Contacts for more information about “Standing Together”:

Alon-Lee Green
National Director