About Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was one of the most important democratic socialist figures in Europe. Alongside Karl Liebknecht, she was a prominent representative of internationalist and antimilitarist positions in Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP).

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Inside Israel


Israel – a Glance from within 2
Think Pieces on Politics, Economy, Society, and Culture (German)
Tsafrir Cohen, Tali Konas, Einat Podjarny (ed.)
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Israel Office, 2019
The purpose of this publication is to provide a German speaking audience with an insider’s perspective on current political struggles in Israel, and to introduce local progressive players. The publication presents a selection of texts from our website, which focuses on the most pressing issues that progressive forces in Israel dealt with in 2018.
You can download the Reader here or order it in print from the Berlin headquarters of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.


IMG_0174The Mount, the Dome and the Gaze: The Temple Mount in Israeli Visual Culture (Hebrew, Arabic, English)
Noa Hasan, Avital Barak (ed.), Minerva Humanities Center, Tel Aviv University, 2017

On the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 war, the present book seeks to examine the status of the Temple Mount as a central visual symbol in various cultural arenas in Israel. Alongside the eight articles in the book is a collection of historical photographs of the Temple Mount collected from various archives in Israel and served as inspiration for the articles. As well as a portfolio of contemporary photographic works that respond to the historical photo collection.



Israel – a Glance from within
Think Pieces on Politics, Economy, Society, and Culture – A Reader (German) Tsafrir Cohen, Mieke Hartmann, Tali Konas (ed.)
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Israel Office, 2017

The purpose of this publication is to provide a German speaking audience with an insider’s perspective on current political struggles in Israel, and to introduce local progressive players. The publication presents a selection of texts from our website, which focuses on the most pressing issues that progressive forces in Israel dealt with in 2017.

You can download the Reader here or order it in print from the Berlin headquarters of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.






The Options for Resolving the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict
In what follows, Tsafrir Cohen provides a sober overview of the various actors in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, thereby offering a similarly sober analysis of possible political resolutions to the ongoing conflict. His foundational insight—that the occupation of Palestinian territories must end, as swiftly and non-violently as possible—follows from the obvious injustices enshrined under conditions of occupation. Three conditions are suggested to achieve de-occupation and to set the table for lasting political resolution. December 2017.




50 – Concepts, Testimonies and Representations of Occupation (Hebrew)

Editor: Ishai Menuchin; choosing and editing representations: David Reev, Miki Kratsman and Ishai Menuchin

November Books, Mevaseret Ziyon, 2017

Short texts of academics, activists, educators, legal experts and writers, visual representations of the best political photographers, designers and artists in Israel today, and testimonies from 50 years of occupation. Personal interpretations of public and political terms that were “washed” in the reality of the occupation and a critical representation of the harsh and painful meaning of the occupation.






Against the Mainstream! The Communist Party of Israel (CPI) 1919-2009. Articles and Posters (Hebrew, German and English)
Angelika Timm and Tamar Gozansky (eds.), Tel Aviv 2009

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI), the RLS Israel-Office, the Tel Aviv University and the Open University held a conference. Presented in the foyer of the conference hall was an exhibition of historical posters of the CPI. This book contains a selection of these posters as well a chronology of the CPI, four articles in Hebrew and their abstracts in German and English.


To the full book (PDF)




The Political Lexicon of the Social Protest (Hebrew)

Ariel Hendel (ed.), Tel Aviv 2012

The lexicon is a collection of short articles dealing with key terms and concepts of the protest movement that emerged worldwide and very strongly also in Israel during the summer of 2011, and which resulted in a dynamic and vibrant political activity that is still ongoing today.








From A to Z – Peace Dictionary by Women in Israel (Hebrew and Arabic)

Bat Shahar Gormezano Gurfinḳel and Shula Keshet (eds.), Tel Aviv 2012

The book is the result of a three-year project which was funded by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung “Finding the Boundaries of Memory: Women Develop a Language for Peace” by the organization Achoti – for Women in Israel.






المرأة وكيانها  (Al Mara wa Kayanha) (Arabic)

(Women and their Bodies. The Guide to Women’s Health, Bodies, and Sexuality) 

Raghda al-Nabulsi (ed.), 2011

The book was published by the organization Women and Their Bodies in 2011. It was published in parallel to the Hebrew version “Nashim LeGufan” as an adapted version of the book „Our Bodies Ourselves“, published in the USA.






Arab Teacher Training in Israel: Overview and Policy Recommendations (Arabic, Hebrew and English)

Ayman K. Agbaria, Nazareth 2010

The book was initiated by the organizations Dirasat – Arab Center for Law and Policy and The Follow-Up Committee on Arab Education.


To the full book (PDF)










The Creatures, the War, and the Future of Poetry: Karl Kraus and Rosa Luxemburg [Hebrew]
Karl Kraus and Rosa Luxemburg (editor: Galili Shahar), Tel Aviv 2018
In cooperation with the Minerva Institute for German History, Tel Aviv University.
“The entire living literature of Germany is unable to shed such tears as that Jewish revolutionary.” wrote the Jewish-Austrian critic Karl Kraus regarding a letter written by Rosa Luxemburg in prison in 1917, in which she condemned the war and oppression of human beings – and of animals. After the publication of the letter in the journal, Die Fackel [The Torch], published by Kraus, there were protests in reactionary circles and an angry letter was sent to the journal’s editors by a woman belonging to the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy. In response Kraus published a sharp, sarcastic reply, one which is more relevant today than ever.




The Ethnographic Department of the Museum of the Contemporary (Hebrew)

Sala-manca (Lea Mauas, Diego Rotman) (ed.), Jerusalem 2017


The book is based on a long-term project and exhibition: “The Ethnography Department of the Museum of the Contemporary” (Ma´amuta Zentrum, 2015), dealing with Jewish, Israeli and Palestinian folklore.






Neighborhood as a Global Arena (English, German and Hebrew)

Eyal Danon and Gilly Karjevsky (eds.), Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon 2015


This reader, published by the Israeli Center for Digital Art, summarizes two years of the “Glocal Neighbors” project, an inter-neighborhood and interdisciplinary collaboration between the Jessy Cohen Neighborhood in Holon, Israel, and the Nordbahnhof Neighborhood in Stuttgart, Germany, analyzing the role and influence of artistic activism.





Stains and Stampings; Mizrahi and Palestinian Identity in Visual Art in Israel (Hebrew, Arabic and English)

Shula Keshet (ed.), Tel Aviv 2015

The book, published by Achoti – For Women in Israel organization, focuses on the inter-relations between Mizrahi and Palestinian cultures in Israel through visual art. It contains reproductions of art works created by 34 Palestinian and Mizrahi artists in various media, and articles written by contemporary thinkers.







Von Dresden nach Tel Aviv; Lea Grundig, 1933-1948 (Hebrew and German)
Gideon Ofrat (ed.), Tel Aviv 2014

On Thursday, September 11, 2014, the RLS Israel Office held an event dedicated to the German Jewish painter and graphic artist Lea Grundig.An international symposium – “Never Passive! – Lea Grundig in Palestine 1940-1948”, explored both the political context and personal aspects of the artist’s works. The symposium was followed by the opening of the exhibition – “From Dresden to Tel Aviv – Lea Grundig, 1933-1948”, curated by Gideon Ofrat.

Full catalogue of the exhibition (PDF)




Black Labor (Hebrew, Arabic and English)

Shula Keshet, Ktzia Alon and Shlomit-Lola Nehama (eds.), 2010

Catalogue of an exhibition of art works by women from Oriental-Jewish origins (Mizrahi), Palestinian, Ethiopian and Bedouin women. The exhibition was organized in Jerusalem in 2010 by the Association Achoti – For Women in Israel.


Full catalogue of the exhibition (PDF)





Rosa Luxemburg



Red Rosa: A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg (Hebrew)

Kate Evans (Translation: Niv Savariago), Pardes Publishers, Tel Aviv 2019

The graphic biography Red Rosa is based on Rosa Luxemburg’s various writings and letters as well as on historical documents of the  period. Utilizing accessible language and witty illustrations, it opens a new window to Luxemburg’s world and to her revolutionary ideas, and introduces readers to her persona as if she was a contemporary.






The Crisis in the German Social Democracy (The Junius Pamphlet) (Hebrew)

Rosa Luxemburg, Introduction: Avraham Burg, Resling Publishers, Tel Aviv 2017

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Israel

Rosa Luxemburg wrote the Junius Pamphlet  between February and April 1915 while she was imprisoned for her anti-war agitation. The text was smuggled out, but not published, and Luxemburg found it lying on her desk when she was released in January 1916. The text was then illegally distributed in Germany. In the pamphlet Luxemburg traces the origins of the war in the development of capitalism and the imperialist system, and criticizes strongly the Social Democratic Party of Germany, which surrendered so readily at the outbreak of hostilities.






brennende zeitfragen

Burning Questions – A Collection of Rosa Luxemburg’s Writings (Hebrew)

Rosa Luxemburg

Moshe Zuckermann (ed.), Ha-Kibbuz Ha-Meuchad 2015

A reaction to the social protest movement in Israel in summer 2011, this collection of Rosa Luxemburg’s political articles from 1898 until 1919 raises still relevant questions of the fight for social justice.

On 19 February 2015 the Israel Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) and Ha-Kibbuz Ha-Meuchad publishing house held a symposium on the occasion of the publication of the book.





Spurensuche. Das Vermächtnis Rosa Luxemburgs für die deutsche und israelische Linke (German and Hebrew)
Angelika Timm (ed.), Tel Aviv 2009

The opening conference of the RLS Office in Israel, under the title “Searching for Traces – Rosa Luxemburg’s Legacy to the German and Israeli Left” – took place on 12 March 2009 in Tel Aviv. Israeli and German scholars, politicians and social activists discussed the legacy of Rosa Luxemburg for the German and Israeli Left. The publication documents the lectures in German and Hebrew.

To the full book (PDF)






Letters from Prison (Hebrew)

Rosa Luxemburg (translated from German by Lea Goldberg (1942))

Tel Aviv, 2009

The new Hebrew edition of Rosa Luxemburg’s letters from prison was published on the occasion of the opening of the RLS Office in Tel Aviv.







Germany and Israel





Die deutsche Linke und der Antisemitismus (German and Hebrew)
Angelika Timm (ed.), Tel Aviv 2012

The publication is result of a Rosa Luxemburg Forum held on 15 November 2011 in Tel Aviv on the German Left and Antisemitism. It includes articles by Mario Kessler, Klaus Lederer und Peter Ullrich and selected documents of the party DIE LINKE.

To the full book (PDF)








20 Jahre deutsche Einheit: Ein Staat – zwei Identitäten?
Ostdeutsche, westdeutsche und israelische Einblicke
(German and Hebrew)
Angelika Timm (ed.), Tel Aviv 2011

On the 15th of November, 2010, the RLS Israel-Office held a conference on the topic of 20 years of German unification, in cooperation with The Koebner Center for German History, at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies. This book, published by the RLS Israel-Office contains the proceedings of this conference.

To the full book (PDF)






Die Haltung der Deutschen Linken zum Staat Israel (German and Hebrew)

Gregor Gysi, Tel Aviv 2008
The Attitude of the German Left towards the State of Israel – A Lecture by MdB Gregor Gysi on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel at a conference organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung on 14 April 2008 in Berlin.