About Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was one of the most important democratic socialist figures in Europe. Alongside Karl Liebknecht, she was a prominent representative of internationalist and antimilitarist positions in Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP).

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Tishreen – Activism and social empowerment

Tishreen is a non-profit and non-partisan civic organization founded in 2008 in Taybeh, located in Israel’s Triangle region. Founded by a diverse group of social activists united in their shared concern for the social-economic situation of the residents of Taybeh, the Southern Triangle and of Israel’s Arab citizens at large.

Taybeh and the surrounding Triangle region suffer from a number of serious social, political, economic and communal failures. Civil society is nearly non-existent; where it exists, initiatives tend to be poorly managed, ineffective and unsustainable.
Despite the difficult local circumstances, a number of young adults and women from Taybeh have demonstrated impressive achievements, strong leadership skills and high motivation levels. However, they lack an institutional framework that can facilitate action. Tishreen sees the necessity of reversing the pervasive sense of helplessness of Arab society, by providing these dedicated activists with opportunities for grassroots social activism. Accordingly, through Tishreen, they receive training, on-going guidance, resources and opportunities for networking.

Tishreen aims mainly to increase the capacity and promote the development of social activists and artists from our community who will serve as change agents; to promote civil, collective and human rights and to advance social justice within Taybeh and the Southern Triangle region; to promote and advance cultural and artistic; to advance a civil society which is guided by the values of pluralism and mutual responsibility and which promotes collective dialogue and decision making on the local and national levels; and to create dialogue around key issues within our society in order to stimulate public debate and wider social change.

In 2016 Tishreen partnered with RLS in a project geared towards the promotion of artistic and cultural venues as an important factor for influencing positive social values and moving from consuming art (organizing cultural events attended by many) to creating art and culture. The project started with an in depth mapping and research to assess the human and monetary resources that exist and the capacities in the region for cultural and artistic creativity, and based on the result of this mapping will move forward into putting a work plan and start implementing.