About Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was one of the most important democratic socialist figures in Europe. Alongside Karl Liebknecht, she was a prominent representative of internationalist and antimilitarist positions in Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP).

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Sadaka-Reut is a bi-national Jewish-Palestinian organization, established in 1983 and acting since then to promote an equal, bi-national and multi-cultural society, based on social justice and mutual solidarity. Sadaka-Reut believes that a genuine Arab-Jewish partnership can be developed by acknowledging the inherent injustices in the current reality, taking responsibility for them and acting to correct them. Furthermore, Sadaka-Reut believes that only a joint struggle, based on solidarity, can lead to a new and joint future for the two peoples and for other minorities living in Israel. Sadaka-Reut’s activity challenges the trends of discrimination, segregation and deepening mistrust, for which the Israeli establishment is responsible. Sadaka-Reut creates an alternative to the reality of the conflict and an ever growing community of Palestinian and Jewish activists who choose partnership and act to achieve it.
Sadaka-Reut is an educational organization focusing on education against racism and on bi-national political education. The educational model of Sadaka-Reut is based on three decades of pedagogical experience and yet it is a growing and developing model, adapting itself to the social and political changes in our reality. The pedagogical approach of Sadaka-Reut is based on three main principles:

Combining uni-national and bi-national frameworks – the uni-national offers participants in Sadaka-Reut’s programs a safe space to discuss issues directly related to their national group. The bi-national encounters offer a space for the groups to meet each other, to get acquainted with the cultures, opinions and realities of each other, and thus strengthen their belief in partnership as both a tool for social change and a vision.

Political education – in the spirit of Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy, who sees education as a tool for changing society. Sadaka-Reut strives to teach youth and young adults knowledge and tools to critically examine society, to challenge narratives of the conflict, to identify and oppose injustices and to imagine social and political alternatives to the current situation.

From personal transformation to activism – practical experience in activism for social change is the best way for dialogue participants to learn, to internalize the change of attitudes they experience and to believe in their ability to be agents of change. Facilitators in Sadaka-Reut’s programs encourage participants to act on the local-community level. In this way participants learn to connect the personal, the local and the wider structural and political context. Hundreds of Sadaka-Reut’s graduates found a place to continue their activism in organizations and movements for social change.