About Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was one of the most important democratic socialist figures in Europe. Alongside Karl Liebknecht, she was a prominent representative of internationalist and antimilitarist positions in Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP).

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Kerem Navot (Naboth's Vineyard)

Kerem Navot is an Israeli civil organization established in the beginning of 2012. The organization seeks to unfold and challenge the mechanisms and policies that enable an on-going dispossession of land owned by Palestinians in the West Bank, especially in area C which comprises 61% of the West Bank. The organization produces publications, using comprehensive land-use research and employing unique and groundbreaking methodologies developed over years of experience in the field. The issues Kerem Navot’s publications address include Israeli settlers’ agriculture as a mean of land takeover in the West Bank; Closed Military Zones in the West Bank; Israeli football clubs in the West Bank; and more.

Kerem Navot was founded by Dror Etkes, previously the director of Peace Now’s Settlement Watch project. Since 2002, Dror follows closely the Israeli settlement and land management policy in the West Bank.

Kerem Navot strengthens other active players – Israelis, Palestinians and internationals – that are struggling in non-violent ways against the occupation and the settlement project, by sharing with them its research conclusions and databases. In addition, the reports compiled by the organization are distributed to various stakeholders in Israel and abroad, as well as to the general public.

The RLS Israel Office support’s Kerem Navot’s internet platforms (website, facebook and twitter) since 2016.