About Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was one of the most important democratic socialist figures in Europe. Alongside Karl Liebknecht, she was a prominent representative of internationalist and antimilitarist positions in Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP).

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Die Linke

Die Linke (The left party)

On June 16, 2007, DIE LINKE party was formed out of the Linkspartei. PDS and the Electoral Alternative for Labour and Social Justice (WASG). Within two years, two parties with different backgrounds but similar objectives merged into an all-German left alternative. DIE LINKE is the only force in the Bundestag which is consistently committed to social justice, democracy and peace. It is open to people with an interest in politics – be they from social movements, trade unions, or simply led by their conviction.

In the last federal elections which took place in September 2017, DIE LINKE received 9.2 percent of the votes (compared with 8.6 percent in the previous elections of 2013). The party is now  represented by 69 members of the German Bundestag (37 women and 32 men) out of a total of 709. (Http:// Out of the 16 state parliaments DIE LINKE is represented in 10, among which are the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. In the state of Thuringia, the elected prime minister is a DIE LINKE member. The party is also represents by thousands of elected representatives at the local level.


Extracts from the Preamble of the Party Program:

As a socialist party, Die Linke stands for alternatives for a better future. We are democratic socialists with varying political biographies as well as ideological and religious influences. We are women and men, old and young, established German nationals and new immigrants, people with disabilities and people without, and we have come together to form a new party of the left. We cling to the dream of mankind that a better world is possible. […]

We pursue a concrete goal: We are fighting for a society in which no child has to grow up poor, in which all men and women can live self-determined lives in peace, dignity, and security, and one in which social relations are democratically shaped. To achieve this we need a different economic and social system: democratic socialism. […]


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